Every year PGRG award prizes for the best dissertations in population geography in the UK. These are the Joanna Stillwell Undergraduate Dissertation Prize and The Bob Woods Postgraduate Dissertation Prize. These prestigious prizes each carry an award of £100.

How to enter the dissertation prize competitions:

Calls are made (on the website and by email) for entry to the Joanna Stillwell Undergraduate Dissertation Prize in Spring, and the Bob Woods Postgraduate Dissertation Prize in Autumn each year. Supervisors are invited to submit dissertations to the competition by sending them by email to the PGRG Prizes Officer. A panel of the PRGR Committee judges the dissertations and makes the awards.

Please note that we can only accept one submission per institution. Please send submissions directly to me at:

Joanna Stillwell Undergraduate Dissertation Prize: midday on 31st July 2018

The Bob Woods Postgraduate Dissertation Prize: midday on 31st December 2018


Congratulations to Niall Newsham (University of Liverpool) for winning the 2017 Bob Woods Postgraduate Dissertation Prize

Well done Niall for your excellent dissertation on the highly pertinent topic of the demographic impact of Syrian migration in Germany.

We asked Niall, to tell us a little about himself –

My name is Niall and I have completed undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Liverpool. I am interested in the mechanisms of population decline and the variation of fertility, mortality and migration over geographical spaces. In studying Population & Health MSc at Liverpool, I gained an understanding of contemporary demographic issues, core theory and advanced statistical analysis methods. For my dissertation, I examined the role of Syrian migrants in shaping Europe’s demographic future through applying a series of Bayesian projection models to analyse the likelihood of population growth in Germany through 2100. I am currently working as a data analyst in my hometown of Cardiff gaining practical experience in statistical analysis to strengthen my application for a PhD in the next academic year.

Congratulations to the Joanna Stillwell Undergraduate Dissertation Prize winners 2017 –

First place, Elizabeth Augarde, University of Leeds

Second place, Anwen Davis, University of Edinburgh

Third place, Elizabeth Morrison, University of Nottingham

We asked first place winner Elizabeth, to tell us a little about herself –

My name is Lizzie and I came to the University of Leeds to study BA Geography in 2013. I was keen to explore the relationship between geography and disease, having done some research into HIV spread at Sixth Form. My degree exposed me to a wide range of topics and methods, and I became especially interested in epidemiology and cartographical methods for exploring population geography. I loved modules that explored how population structure is related to the varying levels of disease risk of different demographic groups. This led me to undertaking a dissertation exploring the geography of suicide risk in the UK; I used GIS to identify hotspots of risk, and was fascinated to explore the way that population characteristics can so drastically affect one’s risk of suicide. I’m about to start a graduate position with Atkins Global as a GIS Consultant where I hope to put the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired at Leeds to good use!


Exceptional Awards

PGRG occasionally makes exceptional awards to recognise contributions to Population Geography.

In 2013 a PGRG Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Professor Tony Champion and Professor Tony Fielding who have been leaders in studies of migration for several decades. The Awards were presented at the International Conference on Population Geographies in Groningen.